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Veterinary Homeopathy in Ashburn, Virginia

Homeopathy in Ashburn

Homeopathy, originally developed over two hundred years ago, is the practice of treating symptoms with medicine or remedies derived from the original symptom-causing substance. Created from plant, mineral and animal sources, these substances are repeatedly diluted until there are only trace amounts of the original material.

While this minuscule amount of substance is almost unrecognizable, it is usually enough to kick-start the immune system to powerfully heal itself! At the Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun, we offer veterinary homeopathy in Ashburn Farm. We design a plan of care usually featuring one remedy per treatment, given in a single dose.

Rather than suppressing symptoms for a quick fix, a homeopathic veterinarian from Ashburn Farm Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun offers comprehensive treatment that seeks to improve the overall health of your pet. We offer veterinary homeopathy in Ashburn Farm that is perfect for the following situations:

  • Trauma
  • Bruising
  • Bites
  • Bee Stings
  • Arthritis
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Diseases

Homeopathic Veterinarian for Ashburn Pets

At the Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to your pet's health. All of our natural pet care services are designed to treat the root cause of your pet's symptoms and ailments, instead of covering them with chemical and medicinal treatments. With a homeopathic veterinarian in Ashburn Farm, the Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun can provide pets in any of the nearby areas with these unique, holistic remedies.

There are several steps to ensuring that your pet receives the most effective treatments from veterinary homeopathy in Ashburn:

  • Gather information regarding pet's medical history from previous veterinarians
  • Report on all symptoms treated at home, symptom patterns or emotional factors
  • Take time to research basic homeopathic principles
  • Include information you may notice, but was not included in official records

Completing all of these tasks will help your homeopathic veterinarian in Ashburn. With a full understanding of the situation, as well as your being prepared with some basic homeopathic knowledge, we are best able to begin educating you about the most effective holistic treatment plan for your pet. After a full exam, the Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun will immediately set to work on providing your pet with the best homeopathic treatment possible.

Dr. Pamela Grasso and Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun practice veterinary homeopathy for Ashburn Farm, Brambleton, Leesburg, Sterling, Dulles, Aldie,
Middleburg, South Riding, Stone Ridge, Hamilton and Purcellville, Virginia pets. Contact us to learn more about receiving a free wellness check!